How long does the bathtub refinishing process take?

The reglazing process typically only takes 3-4 hours to complete, and you can use the tub the next day.

How much will I save with reglazing vs. replacement?

Reglazing can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the cost of replacement. A new bathtub may cost as little as $200, but the cost of removal & disposal, plumbing and tile work can quickly top $1000, and easily go over $2000.

Does ABSOLUTE offer a warranty?

All work comes with a 3 year guarantee, which is not pro-rated. There will be no charge for any covered repairs during the guarantee period. It's 2 years on commercial properties, such as apartments.

Is there an odor while work is being done?

While there is a strong odor created during the refinishing process, every effort is made to vent fumes throughout the procedure. The rest of the bathroom can be put back into use within 4 hours.

Do you repair chips and scratches in my bathtub?

Our technician will fill in any chips and scratches prior to the refinishing process. We make your bathtub or tile look as good as new again!

Can I use the shower/tub before you arrive?

Yes. You can use it right up to the time we arrive.

Can I change the color of my bathtub and tile?

Yes. We stock most common fixture colors, and for those there will be no extra charge. Custom colors cost $35 and take a week to arrive.

What preparations must I make prior to the tech's arrival?

Simply remove the shower curtain and any loose objects from the bathroom and the work area.

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