What Is Resurfacing?


Resurfacing (also called reglazing, refinishing, or refacing) is a proven method of renovating bathtubs, tile, sinks and countertops that has been around for 40 years. It involves spraying durable, industrial-strength coatings onto surfaces. Before the dawn of home improvement TV, it was the well-kept secret of professional designers, disaster restoration experts, home renovation pros and hotel managers. Today, it’s accessible to just about everybody.

Bath Resurfacing

Don’t Replace Your Tub

Resurface It!

If the tub is cast iron, it may need to be broken up with a sledgehammer just to make the pieces light and small enough to get out of the bathroom. The services of a plumber and tiler are usually necessary to reinstall the new tub, so this seemingly simple project can end up costing thousands and take weeks to complete. Absolute Tub & Tile Restoration offers an alternative that will keep your home looking fresh for years to come. Call now for a free estimate!

Bath Resurfacing

Why Not Just Replace My Tub?

Save 60% - 70% cost

Resurfacing bathtubs and tile typically offers savings of 60-70% over the cost of replacement. If your bathtub is worn or damaged, you can't just pop it out of the wall and drop in a new one. Most tubs have a lip that runs along the length of the tub where the tile and tub meet. The tile is laid over this lip to prevent water from getting behind the tile. The tub also fits so snugly in its place that several rows of tile must be removed just to get it loose.

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